College Boot Camp

Hands-on admissions advice for seniors

The school year starts with Concordia’s “College Boot Camp” event, which involves the school flying in an admissions director from the United States to Concordia’s campus. The admissions director works specifically with Concordia seniors on aspects of their college application process.

Concordia will host its 2nd annual College Boot Camp on Saturday, August 24, 2019. This year’s boot camp is led by Santa Clara’s Director of International Admissions, Becky Konowicz. Becky has worked in admissions since 2004 and arrived at Santa Clara in 2013. She serves in a leadership capacity in the admission office as the university moves forward in its strategic goal to enhance global engagement. Having lived internationally, working with students from overseas is an energizing part of her life’s work.

Headshot of Becky Konowicz