University & Academic Counseling at Concordia

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Working closely with students in Hanoi to help them find the college, university, or career path that suits them best!

From a young age, all the way to graduation day, we offer professional and encouraging Elementary, Middle, and High School counseling options.

Our University Counseling services have helped High School Seniors gain admission to some of the best universities in the world! Our goal is to ensure your child has a bright future, knows their options, and is accepted into the university that matches their goals.

University Counseling In-Depth

Do you dream of attending a top university in Asia, the U.S., or somewhere else in the world!?

Our University Counseling Program is a four-year track that is specifically designed to guide and help you find a university that matches your talents, passions, and goals!

How Does University Counseling Work?

Working alongside our highly trained and qualified counselors from Grade 9 onwards, you’ll develop a better grasp and understanding of your own strengths, personality, and passions! This will help us to provide you with a range of “best-fit” college and career options that match your interests and career aspirations.

Looking for a little inspiration? See the full list of where other Concordia graduates—students just like you—have been accepted over the years below!

More About Our Unique University Counseling Programs

At Concordia, you’ll find that we are one of the only schools to offer advanced counseling opportunities, education, and programs specifically designed to ensure graduates in Hanoi have the best chance at post-secondary success.

Academic Counseling Services for All Ages

At Concordia, we believe that academic counseling is relevant for all age groups, which is why we offer our students specific developmentally appropriate opportunities in Elementary and Middle School as well.

As your child progresses from grade to grade they’ll have the chance to participate in—and receive assistance from—our experienced team with a variety of counseling activities and services.

Elementary School Counseling
✔ Individual Counseling
✔ Group Counseling

Have questions about our Elementary School counseling services? Please contact Katie Sutherland:
Middle School Counseling

✔ Individual Counseling
✔ Group Counseling
✔ Advisory Program
✔ Student Services 
✔ Community Presentations

Have questions about our Middle School counseling services, please contact Linda Bloemberg:

High School Counseling

✔ Individual Counseling
✔ Group Counseling
✔ Seminar Classes
✔ Happiness Engineering Meetings
✔ Course Planning
✔ University Preparation
✔ U.S. College Tours
✔ Academic Support
… and much more!

Have questions about our High School counseling services? Please contact Ben Compton: or Madeline Schloss:

Do you want to learn more about how our counselors can help your child become the best version of themselves? Please refer to the Concordia Hanoi Counseling Handbook.

Concordia Hanoi Counseling Handbook


Ben Compton

Ben Compton

Titles: Director of Counseling
Katie Sutherland

Katie Sutherland

Titles: Elementary School Counselor
Linda Bloemberg

Linda Bloemberg

Titles: Middle School Counselor