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We provide the tools necessary to be competitive in the ever-changing job markets

Concordia instructs and supervises technology to open new worlds of learning, active inquiry, and expression for our students. We are building a community where collaboration empowers differentiated learning. Concordia wants to inspire and challenge students to see themselves as creators of ideas. We continue to enrich student learning and achievement using technology.

Technology and Information Literacy are essential for success in modern society. Technology and Information Literacy at Concordia is not a class, but a continuum of skills and training integrated across the entire curriculum. They are developed through close collaboration among tech staff, teachers, and library and curriculum development staff.


Knowing how and when to use which technology to meet a need.


Knowing when and why you need information, and where to find it. This includes knowing how to evaluate, use, and communicate the information ethically.

Laptop Requirements for Secondary School

Technology integration empowers and enriches student-centered learning, which will help prepare them for their future. Each student has their own device from grade 1 to grade 12. Concordia supplies the technology in elementary school. For middle school and high school, Concordia has a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) Program. We require students in grades 6 – 12 to bring their own laptop for use in the classroom. You can buy Apple Laptops in Vietnam through FutureWorld, an Authorized Apple Reseller. Please check their website for contact information. Apple at FutureWorld does provide a small, educational discount to students, teachers, and parents.

Please read the BYOL Parent Letter for laptop recommendations, specifications, and minimum software requirements.

Laptop Requirements

A device that is less than 3 years old

Current Operating System (OS): Mac OS 12: Monterey or Mac OS 13: Ventura

8GB RAM minimum

Battery must be able to provide power to the laptop for at least 4 hours, and charger for charging low battery.

Padded case for transport and additional protection - separate from backpack.

Headphones that can easily be carried/kept in a backpack or stored in student locker.