Middle School

We develop the foundation for tomorrow’s leaders

At Concordia, we challenge every child academically in a setting that also cares for their happiness and well-being. Middle school is a time of exciting change for all students. Our program meets each child where they are in their own personal journey and works with them to maximize their potential.

Our middle school program is designed so that students spend the most amount of time in their main academic courses each day. Students also have time each day to meet with their teachers to gain additional help or to meet with school counselors to help with their social and emotional development. Our students learn collaboratively with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our teachers emphasize creativity and understand the importance of critical thinking in the classroom.

The core courses in middle school consist of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Modern Language (EAL, Mandarin, Spanish or Vietnamese). Students take physical education, a music course, and an art course each year. Language Arts meets for 90 minutes each day. Our math program places students in courses most appropriate for their achievement level.

Common Core Standards

English Language Arts - Columbia University Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop