Middle School (G6-8)


We prepare each and every middle school student for success.


Commitment to Every Child.  What does it take to succeed today?  Competence.  Character.  Confidence.  Connection.  Care.  Concordia International School Hanoi ensures every single student receives an exceptional education - tailored to their unique needs.  

Extraordinary Teachers.  What sets a school apart is the quality of its educators.  Teachers make the greatest difference in the lives and growth of students, and our team is both diverse and exceptional.  Our middle school faculty members are world class professional educators and collectively have decades upon decades of experience.  At Concordia, we also believe in the importance and power of collaboration among educators.  It takes a village to raise a child, and our teachers work together to know, value, and support each student.  
Focus on Academic Rigor & Well-Being.
 At Concordia’s middle school, we work hard to both challenge all students academically, and to prioritize students’ happiness and well-being.  Middle school is an exciting time of change and development, and every student’s journey is unique.  Our team meets students where they are in their own personal development and works with them to maximize their potential. To ensure each student is known and valued, students meet at least twice weekly with their advisors and have regular opportunities to meet with their teachers outside of class.
Truly International Community.  One of the greatest benefits students receive from attending an international school is the opportunity to learn from peers and teachers from a range of cultural and national backgrounds.  We gather regularly as a community for cultural events, to cheer on our musicians, artists, actors, and athletes (Go, Thunder!), to celebrate holidays, and to share our cultural traditions with one another.  
Comprehensive Educational Program.
 Our middle school program is designed to give students a full range of educational experiences – both in and beyond the classroom.  Students spend most of their days at Concordia’s middle school taking core courses, special courses, and elective courses as well as participating in a range of activities. 

girls play basketball on field

Core courses include mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. Students select a modern language: Mandarin, Spanish, or English as an Additional Language (EAL).  All middle school students take physical education each year, and as students progress through the middle school program, they take courses in visual art, music, computer coding, and life skills.  Middle school students also take two elective classes each semester in which students explore new interests and teachers offer instruction in subjects about which they are truly passionate.  In all of our courses, our teachers emphasize skills which matter today and in the future: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.  
Outside of regular school hours, middle school students choose from a range of sports, clubs, activities, and leadership opportunities.  Concordia’s signature LAUNCH program takes middle school students on unforgettable trips to other locations in Vietnam where students learn by doing and develop life-long friendships.