Home Learning Program


Home Learning Program Goals

We believe our Home Learning Program at Concordia Hanoi is second-to-none.  Our program reflects our commitment to every child and family as well as to the following five goals:

Goal 1
Rigorous & Innovative Instruction

Goal 2
Community Building & Relationships

Goal 3
& Physical

Goal 4
Personalized Care for Every Student

Goal 5
Sustained Excitement
about School!

Concordia International School Hanoi’s customized Home Learning Program keeps students engaged. 

Developed by Concordia’s team of professional educators, our program strives to balance its rigorous academic curriculum with the social and emotional needs of home life.

Concordia has built a unique, in-house program that supports student academic growth and ensures learning continues, on pace and unabated, for as long as Home Learning is in place.

Concordia ensures student Home Learning outcomes are carefully monitored by teachers. Concordia offers a predominantly synchronous Home Learning program, as we believe it best supports the learners’ academic growth, social and emotional development, and personal well-being.

Our distinguisher, and what sets our program apart is that our system is primarily synchronous and is designed to increase the amount of teacher student contact time. Parents can receive feedback regarding their child’s academic performance and progress.  Concordia uses regular parent surveys, Town Hall meetings, Back to School Nights and teacher’s office hours to partner on behalf of student success.   

One of the reasons why our program is so strong and successful is because we incorporate parent and student feedback to continually enhance the program. 

Our program quickly facilitates a seamless transition back to campus learning once it becomes possible. 

As we work together to build and support our community, the following information is a resource for students and families to take the best advantage of our Home Learning program, and the standards and principles guiding our work together. 

What is home learning? 

Concordia offers a principally synchronous learning program that takes place in the child’s home called Home Learning.  Home learning is a partnership between students, parents, and the teachers to provide educational experiences during the school week, relying heavily on digital technology. 
Glossary of Terms:
  • Synchronous learning:  Students and teachers working together at the same time in real time. 
  • Asynchronous learning:  Students working at their own pace, not all at the same time and without the teacher providing instruction in real time, often via pre-recorded video. 
  • Campus Learning Program:  The regular Concordia International School Hanoi educational program, which offers face-to-face learning and events at the Concordia campus.
  • Home Learning Program: The Home Learning program is a primarily synchronous learning program utilizing Zoom video conferencing and other digital platforms for classroom management.  The program is only engaged when the conditions in Vietnam or Hanoi prohibit campus learning. 
  • Distance Learning: Learning where the instructor and students are in physically separate locations, and instruction is delivered via an electronic device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.  The learning can be synchronous, in which all participants are connected at the same time, or asynchronous, when participants are engaged in learning activities at different times.
  • eLearning: Short for electronic learning, a comprehensive term that refers to all types of training, education and instruction that occurs via a digital medium.

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Student Testimonials

"One thing that I like about Concordia is that the Concordia community is very supportive."
After attending Concordia, I feel like I've grown more as a global citizen. I acknowledge more around the world and I'm more engaged in my community.
I am more open to different cultures by meeting friends from all around the world.
One thing that I've learned over the course of my years in Concordia is to become more understanding about people and to be kinder to everyone around me and the environment.
I have been at Concordia for my entire life... everything that I am at some point has been influenced by it.

Preston, Class of 2025

I like the diversity in Concordia, and how people treat each other with kindness and respect. We also get to learn a lot from the teachers.