Elementary School

We equip children for life-long learning

Our elementary school experience provides a student-focused curriculum. Each student is an important member of the learning community at Concordia International School Hanoi. The voice and ideas of each child blend together to make a symphony of understanding. Every child possesses unique gifts with which they will bless their community and the world.

Elementary school is a place where learners explore their interests. Students have opportunities to discover their passions guided by educated and compassionate teachers. Students discover and develop individual talents.The overarching goal is that students learn as much as they can each day. Teachers partner with parents to prepare children for their future. We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusion. All cultures are respected. This prepares students to be global citizens.

Each grade provides developmentally appropriate yet challenging curriculum. Students in the lower grades have plenty of opportunities to play and rest.

What is a U.S. Based Curriculum?

Concordia International school follows a U.S. Based curriculum. Our instruction and assessments meet the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards for Science, and the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Standards for Social Studies. Elementary students focus on critical thinking, bettering themselves, and advancing their learning each day. We honor the learning process, not just the learning product. We integrate technology through all subjects and grades. Grades 1 through Grades 5 use 1:1 Chromebooks each day to support learning.

Reading and Writing workshops provide a setting for students to authentically read and write. The workshop model honors student choice. Literacy is the foundation of all content areas and learning. Students devote time to think deeply about the text and respond to their reading. After direct instruction, students write to practice the writing skills they acquired. Skills are introduced, developed and deepened. Students write the kind of writing they see in the world. Student writers become communicators putting meaning on the page. Workshops help teachers address each child’s individual learning needs. Teachers provide time for students to read and write and to keep on reading and writing.

Teachers devote time to developing a design thinking culture. Maker Space is one important part of fostering this culture.