Elementary School (PS4-G5)


Concordia’s Elementary program is a safe and caring environment filled with loving teachers who are focused on providing a world class education for each and every student.

Essential to Concordia’s success is a healthy partnership between parents and the school so that all children achieve their goals. Concordia desires for every child to be empowered to learn as much as they can, as fast as they can, each and every day that they are in attendance at school.
Concordia delivers a rigorous, whole-child-centered curriculum that is age-appropriate. While our curriculum is based out of North America, our lessons have been tailored to meet the needs of children living in Vietnam who wish to be globally minded thinkers.
Children from all backgrounds and ability levels are able to study together due to the teachers’ skill of individualizing the curriculum. Our teachers are experts at finding out where each child is and taking them to the next level.
two boys crafting

Early childhood is a time of discovery and joy. Our youngest learners discover the world in a caring and creative community. We work to foster the independence and curiosity that is integral for the rest of their education.

We provide a safe environment for students to learn what it means to interact and engage with one another. The learning process in preschool is age-appropriate. The subjects are driven by the students' interests and curiosity.

Our preschool teachers work on self-care, teaching the kids about resting, eating, and bathroom care. We provide nutritious meals that were informed by expert dietitians. The kids learn foundational communications skills, learning to use their words to express their needs.

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