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Built from the ground-up with every student in mind, the Concordia campus spans over 17,000 square meters and is specially-designed to provide your child with the space they need to explore, actively learn, engage with others, and discover their true potential.

Thanks to world-class designers and architects, our facility is known around Hanoi as a leading-edge school that provides a safe, caring and accessible environment for students to thrive. Not only this, but we are dedicated to environmental sustainability and reducing our school’s impact. Read more about our ecological efforts here.


All classrooms are mobile and can break-out into collaborative spaces. At the same time, many of the spaces were designed for dedicated use, to ensure that your child has access to the resources necessary to be producers of research and work.


We encourage students to extend their academics by accessing the many physical and electronic books available to them in the Concordia library. Designed with your child in mind, the library provides a space where students can come to foster a lifelong love of reading, learning, and community.

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Athletics Facilities

With two full size soccer fields, two gymnasiums, and a well-equipped fitness center, Concordia’s athletics facilities offer space for students to further develop their motor, teamwork, leadership and athletic skills.

Learn more about our athletics program here.

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Arts Facilities

Our newest building was specifically designed for the arts and includes; two art studios, music rooms (for both choral and ensemble practice), and a black box theater. These custom-built spaces provide your child with plenty of opportunities to create, learn, and or record their own music. The CIS Arts Classrooms are packed with all of the materials your child needs to be creative.

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Concordia’s AQI Policy Guideline

Your child’s health and safety is our number one priority, so we continuously monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) every half hour and inform our staff members of the air quality before students leave the building. We also provide on-site water treatment, which is double-filtered and softened to ensure your child has access to clean, safe drinking water throughout the school.

To support this effort, our entire facility is equipped with an air filtration system that typically runs around 50 inside our buildings, with additional air purifiers, to ensure your child is breathing clean air. 

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Concordia houses two full size soccer fields, two gymnasiums, and a fitness center.

Our Athletics Program


Concordia's new building has specially designed spaces for the arts. This includes two art studios, music rooms dedicated for both choral and for ensemble practice, and a black box theater.

Our Arts Programs