Our Campus

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We provide 17,000 square meters of specially-designed space


Our campus was built from the ground-up with our students in mind. We hired world-class designers and architects to construct a facility that is on the leading edge of “what kids need” for learning. All classrooms are mobile and can break-out into collaborative spaces. At the same time, many of the spaces were designed for dedicated use, to ensure that our students have the resources necessary to be producers of research and work.

Environmental Considerations

The students’ health and safety is our number one priority. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is monitored every half hour, with a system in place to let all teachers know the air quality before students leave the building. We also provide on-site water treatment, which is double-filtered and softened. 


In addition to health, we work hard to minimize our environmental impact. All water is recycled for maintaining the grounds. All food leftovers are donated to local farms for livestock. Natural light minimizes the need for artificial light in classrooms.


Concordia houses two full size soccer fields, two gymnasiums, and a fitness center.

Our Athletics Program


Concordia's new building has specially designed spaces for the arts. This includes two art studios, music rooms dedicated for both choral and for ensemble practice, and a black box theater.

Our Arts Programs