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Staff Testimonials

Scott Sanders

Mr. Scott Sanders

HS Humanities

Concordia is lovely. The students are sweet kids. They come from good families and they’re eager to learn. They have been very welcoming.

Kate Meininger

Ms. Katherine Meininger

Secondary Music, Activities Director

I love being a part of the Concordia community, where teachers and students take pride in everything they do, and where a healthy balance of academic rigor and artistic development is fostered. It is a joy to work with our kind and talented students each day!

Andrew Creek

Mr. Andrew Creek

High School Teacher

Concordia International School Hanoi is a constant reminder of the core motivations behind my pursuit of a career in education. It is a place of learning and growth, a place of community and care, and a place where students and teachers are encouraged to Dare Mighty Things! I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community of learners, educators, and families.

Tessa Arends

Tessa Arends

Elementary Teacher

My transition to Concordia was surprisingly easy because of the overwhelming love of the staff members. Everyone was incredibly friendly wherever I went; people would ask me who I was and where I was from, and offer to have me over for dinner and to help me set up my classroom.

Dr. Merrian Mills

Dr. Merrian Mills

Middle School Teacher

The Concordia administration has set a high bar for teachers. We are encouraged to have our passionate pursuits. When we have ideas, it is nice to have an administration that trusts us.

Katherine Sharpe

Katherine Sharpe

Elementary Teacher

My transition to Hanoi was actually very smooth and painless. I was greeted at the airport and taken to my house. I was taken shopping, had help with setting up phones, assistance with bank accounts, all my questions were answered. Because of this, it made it feel like we had been here forever. It just felt like home already.