Child Protection Policy

Concordia International School Hanoi recognizes its duty and responsibilities to protect and safeguard the interests of all children.  It recognizes that effective child protection work requires sound procedures, cooperation and a workforce that is competent and confident in responding to child protection situations.  As part of Concordia Hanoi's commitment to keep all students safe, the Child Protection Policy aims to:

  • Raise awareness of child abuse and child protection.
  • Identify risks and cases of possible abuse to children.
  • Provide guidance on child protection and safety.  

To uphold the commitment to protect and safeguard children, Concordia Hanoi's Code of Conduct applies to all faculty, staff, employees, volunteers and students who represent the school and who interact with children or young people in both a direct and/or unsupervised capacity.  Please further review the Child Protection Policy including principles, rationale, and guidelines to recognize, respond and report.  These codes and principles support Concordia Hanoi's responsibilities in protecting children as well as the reporting procedure.  


Staff Testimonials


Mr. Bart Maas

MS Teacher

I feel very fortunate to be in Vietnam and I hope to stay at Concordia for a long time. Concordia is an amazing place and Hanoi is a great city.


Mr. Scott Sanders

HS Humanities
Concordia is lovely. The students are sweet kids. They come from good families and they’re eager to learn. They have been very welcoming.

Mr. Andrew Creek

High School Teacher

Concordia International School Hanoi is a constant reminder of the core motivations behind my pursuit of a career in education. It is a place of learning and growth, a place of community and care, and a place where students and teachers are encouraged to Dare Mighty Things! I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community of learners, educators, and families.


Dr. Merrian Mills

Middle School Teacher

The Concordia administration has set a high bar for teachers. We are encouraged to have our passionate pursuits. When we have ideas, it is nice to have an administration that trusts us.