We foster a life-long love of athletics

All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in our inclusive sports programs. Our commitment to education-based athletics aligns with classroom learning and the mission and vision of the school.
Our competitive middle and high school team sports are basketball, football/soccer, and volleyball. Sports at Concordia create connections between learners and teach the essential life skills of communication, problem-solving, commitment, responsibility, and resilience. Thunder athletes compete locally and internationally.
Concordia Athletics is committed to developing future leaders through the power of sports.


Middle School Athletics

Middle school athletics puts skills development, participation, and fair play above winning. We are focused on student participation in a pressure-free setting that promotes athletic development.

High School Athletics

Our upper school athletics program produces teams that are competitive, disciplined, and demonstrate sportsmanship on, and off the field. Our Thunder teams have won 6 championships in the 2018/19 school year alone.