Why Concordia Hanoi Elementary Students Perform Well on MAP Tests

Concordia International School Hanoi elementary students perform significantly higher than their peers when compared to schools in Vietnam, EARCOS (Asia regional international schools), and the world, and this fall continued to post impressive scores. 

“Concordia is committed to each child learning as much as they can, as fast as they can, each and every day that they are in attendance,” said Elementary School Principal Ms. Kappelmann.“Concordia students benefit from masterful teachers who know pedagogy and know how to reach every child in the classroom as well as teaching to the class as a whole.” 

“When we examine our Common Core standards, our teachers go beyond to create “power standards” which define not only how students can meet each standard but also what skills they need next for them to keep advancing in math. Whenever students are ready, teachers teach them the next level.” Ms. Kappelmann continued. 

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