Who Are Our Teachers?

Where are our teachers from?

Concordia currently employs 63 full time teachers, not including instructional assistants, school leaders and staff. Among our 63 teachers, 73% are from North America (63.5% hold passports from the USA and 9.5% hold passports from Canada). The remainder of our teachers are from the UK, Vietnam, Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Ireland, and Guatemala.

Others: Taiwan, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Guatemala

What are our teachers’ qualifications and experience?

Concordia’s faculty are highly qualified with over 77% holding at least one Master’s degree. Our teachers are also highly experienced with an average of 19 years of teaching experience. 

How long do our teachers usually stay?

Teaching staff at international schools tend to be highly mobile. This is not the case at Concordia where the average stay of our teachers is over 4 years. One third of our faculty have been with our school for over 5 years and half of these have been with us for 9 or more years. 

What are student-teacher ratio, class size and extracurricular contributions like at Concordia?

At Concordia, our student to teacher ratio is 8:1. According to The International Educator, the typical students to college counselor ratio at international schools is about 50 students to 1 counselor. At the HS at Concordia, our students to college counselor ratio is approximately 25:1.

We also pride ourselves on our small class sizes, which allow our teachers to provide students with lots of personal attention. While class size is capped at 20 students per class in the ES, Preschool class size is capped at 16 students per class and Reception class size is capped at 18 students per class. All lower ES classes have teaching assistants and EAL specialists to support our lead teachers. In the MS and the HS, class sizes are generally between 20 to 24 students.

In addition to their classroom duties, our teachers also offer extra-curricular activities such as leading After School Activities, sponsoring student clubs, or putting on performances. This enables students to form close relationships with their teachers while exploring their interests and develop important life skills. 

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