When Fluffy, Pineapple, Lucky, Penny, Chirpy came into the world

Concordia Grade 3 students were thrilled to watch their chicks hatch!

For the Grade 3 'Life Structures' Science unit, Grade 3 hatched 12 baby chicks. Students counted down the 21 days until hatching throughout the Home Learning watching time-lapse videos and live streaming of moving the chicks from the incubator to the brooder. 
During one Reading/Writing lesson, Mr. Philips showed 3B a hole in one egg and students saw a beak beginning to peck through - and the class watched the eggs hatch!

Days after the chicks were born, students were updated at the morning 'Circle Time' and they saw the chicks dry out and become fluffy.  
As the chicks were moved from the incubator to a tray, students could see the chicks were growing fast!  Soon they got big enough to jump out of the base tray so it was covered with a cage top.  The class watched the chicks grow taller, lose their fluffy feathers and begin to get adult ones. 
Students named the chicks Fluffy, Pineapple, Lucky, Penny, Chirpy.

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