Week of Code 2021

This week at Concordia, the elementary school students engaged in a week of coding. This special week emphasizes coding and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based activities. Students had many opportunities to work with robotics, learn coding skills, and explore various areas in the science fields. During the week, students participated in 3 main activities: The Codify Concordia Challenge, Code Buddies, and Unplugged Coding. 

In the Codify Concordia Challenge, students received a Badge Board with coding challenges of multiple difficulty levels. As students completed the challenges, they earned points and badges. Students gained a strong coding foundation and were able to level up their skills.

During Code Buddies, students put their skills into action. The upper elementary students coded games using SCRATCH, a coding language, and programmed Dash robots for their younger buddy class. They showed their buddies how they created their projects, and finally, the buddies got to test and play the games.

The upper elementary students also visited the HS STEAM playground, where they learned how the high school students are creating with code and robotics. Testing these advanced games was a lot of fun!

The week ended with an elementary assembly where students were recognized for their coding efforts. Student projects were highlighted, and teachers played some student-created games in front of the audience.

Concordia hopes these opportunities will expose students to new and exciting things and spark a future interest in coding and other STEM activities. See the Week of Code Website for more details and to play the student-created games. Special thanks to Mrs. Snider, the ES STEM Coach, and all of the teachers at Concordia for putting together this awesome experience for our students.