Visit from Dr. Plastic

Ben Baron and Đức Phạm from Dr. Plastic led workshops for G5 and the middle school Global Citizenship class on their recycling process using a heat press and shredded single-use plastic.

Veronica (G6), explains that “they actually came to our school, and used their hot press (which is a machine used for melting plastic) to show us visually the process of how to transform plastic. In this case, they changed plastic caps into something that helped us, which were very cool keychains.”

“I’m impressed with how Dr. Plastic turns bottle caps into keychains,” said Truong (G6), “because people usually think it's trash then they just throw it away and waste the plastic that could be renewed.”

The students not only got to make their very own keyrings out of recycled plastic, but they also had a chance to see what can be made from what most deemed as trash. MS students reflected on the visit and how Dr. Plastic’s work connects with the UN Sustainable Development Goals they have been studying in class.

Minh (G6), “I learned that with heat and pressure, you can turn old plastics into new useful things. Also, if you don't have plastic to turn into new things, you can refuse to use plastic at the start. This is helping the SDG Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production and many more.”

Sewon (G6),  “It was very cool to see the machine that presses plastic and I was really impressed to observe this new and creative way to recycle plastic," said Sewon (G6). "I think this event is connected to goal #14: Life Below Water and also expresses #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities a lot.”

"I like that Dr. Plastic is actually doing something fun while they help solve some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” said Veronica. “I admire what they do, and I believe that it encourages more people to do the right thing.”

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