The Strengths of Our Diverse Community


Where Are Concordia Students From?

Concordia International School Hanoi was founded to provide expatriate and local families in Hanoi with an exceptional, American style education. We began our first school year in 2011 with 44 students who held passports from 12 countries. Since then, Concordia has grown to nearly 500 students who hold passports from 28 countries. As a true international school, we are a diverse community with a student body whose home countries include the USA, Vietnam, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Venezuela, Italy, the UK, Germany, Singapore, China, and many more. 

The Benefits of a Diverse School Community

In an increasingly globalized world, being able to understand and connect with people from different backgrounds is extremely important. Concordia prepares our students to be global citizens both in and out of the classroom. We asked some parents and students to share their thoughts on our diverse student body:

"The diverse community at Concordia has afforded our son a unique educational and developmental experience. By sharing ideas and learning from students different from himself, he has the opportunity, even from a very young age, to appreciate and celebrate different cultures and points of view. In many ways, Concordia is a microcosm of an increasingly globalized world, and we are extremely fortunate to watch as he gains a deeper understanding of the people and the world around him." Joe P., Concordia Parent

“Since attending Concordia, I feel like I've grown more as a global citizen. I acknowledge more around the world and I'm more engaged in my community.” Minh Anh N., Concordia Student

“I believe that the education and social skills that my children are acquiring from Concordia contribute to developing them into individuals who have a more tolerant and less biased attitude.” Kyungmi S., Concordia Parent

“What I felt most strongly was that spending time with multinational friends made my children become familiar with a wide variety of identities, which helped them to understand diversity that they would not have been able to notice if they had stayed in Japan, and furthermore, to cultivate the ability to accept each other.” Toki T., Concordia Parent

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