Teaching and Care Mean Concordia Middle School Students Score High on MAP Test

Concordia middle school students have consistently performed exceptionally well on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test compared to other schools in Hanoi, Vietnam, the region, and the world. 

Middle school Principal Stephen Ly told us why:

“If I had two words, it’s ‘excellent teaching’,” said Mr. Ly. “Our program is known for its high academic rigor, strengthened by our work on standards-based learning, and students get ample academic support.”

Concordia’s close-knit community allows us to customize each student’s learning. 

“Knowing every student separates us from other schools,” Ly continued. “Teachers know students’ strengths and weaknesses and how to pave the way for their success.” 

“Concordia students are known as individuals, cared for, and pushed to grow,” Ly added. 

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