Sketchnoting ASA

“Learn to Sketchnote” is among the range of After School Activities (ASAs) Concordia offers to elementary school students this term, giving students a chance to have fun while learning new skills. “Sketchnoting is visual note-taking - it’s not about the art, it’s about the idea,” said Ms. Goodrich, who leads the program.

“You try and draw something on the screen in under twenty seconds and then the program tries to guess what it is,” explained Sophie (G3) about Quickdraw, another program they are learning.

The activity is also a chance for the students to work out drawings and ideas on paper. 

“I’m drawing monsters,” said Sara (G5). “I’m drawing Captain America in the library right next to Redskull,” said Sam (G3). 

Learn to Sketchnote is a fun After School Activity that reinforces both Concordia’s focus on the whole child and our emphasis on STEAM by integrating art and technology in their learning. 

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