September 9th, 2011: Concordia's Grand Opening Ceremony

On September 9th, 2011, we held a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the start of Concordia. Guests of honor included the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, David Shear, LCMS representatives from Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the U.S.A., and Heads of Schools from other international schools in Hanoi. Many members of the founding team attended the event and joined our students on stage for the ribbon cutting.

Mary Schmidt wrote this on September 17, 2011 about the photo below: "My father, Allan Schmidt, lifts a triumphant hand in celebration as the ribbon is cut, signaling the opening of Concordia International School Hanoi on September 9th, 2011. To his left, partners and close friends in this 5-year project are Ted Engelbrecht, currently the executive director of the Asian Lutheran Education Association, and Dr. Tu Ngu, our long-time friend and supporter of this and other programs. Participating in the opening gave all of us present a shared sense of purpose and accomplishment and the belief that this school will benefit many young people in the years ahead."

"In the early years (1996-2011), LCMS World Mission and World Relief, along with our staff and government coworkers, received numerous local, provincial, and national awards and medals. This all played a part in establishing the excellent relations the LCMS has with the Vietnamese government, which aided in the establishment of the school." - Ted Engelbrecht (c. 2016)

"I have accompanied LCMS World Mission for 15 years, helping Vietnamese people in the fields of health, nutrition, and education. Over all those years, the most outstanding experience for me was supporting and laying the groundwork for Concordia International School Hanoi, so that today we have it in the heart of the city. This is an unforgettable memory; LCMS supporting the sustainable development of Vietnam." - Dr. Tu Ngu (c. 2016)

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