Robotics Demonstration for Week of Code

Last week the elementary students met with the high school Robotics class to learn more about their projects. The high school students explained how they build, code, and drive their robots, and they even handed over their controllers to elementary students for a little while. The goal was to help the elementary students dream bigger, as they practice with Dash Robots and Micro:bits for their Week of Code. G4 students showed block coding the dash robots to reception and G2 students.

On Wednesday, Concordia’s high school Robotics class held its first live competition, in which teams of robot builders coders and operators matched up to to see who’s bot was the best! Teams maneuvered their bots to move blocks from within a ring to designated areas either by pushing or lifting and got extra points if they could stack the blocks.

Elementary students in grades 2, 4 and 5 had a chance to watch the competition. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“My favorite thing was how the robots could move around, and how the teams made the robots - some could hold things, and they had many strategies, like pushing. I would like to build these types of robots that I could tell what to do - I think it’s pretty cool to build robots like that,” said Victoria (G5).

“It was pretty cool that the robots’ hands could go up - they could actually pick up things - and the teams could actually make the robots work properly,” said Alex (G5).

“It was cool because the person controls the robot and you do some cool stuff by moving the blocks, and it’s thrilling because it’s a competition. A lot of kids like coding and engineering - and you get to make what you think about,” said Kyeong Doun (G5). 

The competition was a warm-up for January when the teams will travel to HCMC to compete against teams from Saigon South International School. Henry (G9), one of the builders, added, “Building robots is very enjoyable, especially when you get to see how your creation competes against others. It’s a very good experience.” 

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