NJHS Hospital Visit

Written by Concordia NJHS Officers: Ella, Minh Hanh, Anna, Jooeon, Yubin, and Linh

In Vietnam, Tet is a beautiful and meaningful holiday people spend with their families. It is when people can reflect on their entire year and enjoy moments with their loved ones. However, the families we visited in the children’s hospital on Tuesday, February 6th were not as lucky as us. In the hospital were children and their parents waiting for their recovery, not being able to enjoy Tet to its fullest.

NJHS decided to step in and try something that could help out the patients in a meaningful way. Using a portion of the money we have raised from our fundraising projects such as basketball and volleyball concessions, bubble tea sales, and the Christmas Fair, we donated money to 50 kids in the National Children’s Hospital of Hanoi. The money was used to purchase bags of presents and snacks, including lì xì (lucky money), each gift containing 200k VND. In total, we donated 20 million VND to this hospital project. 

Concordia middle school teacher with students

Considering Concordia’s theme this year, “Walk a mile in their shoes”, NJHS wanted to better understand the situation of these children and their parents. The kids we visited were in the hepatology and neurology department. Though the kids were not in a serious condition, their parents were tired and weary. The hospital we visited was a public hospital that was not in the best condition. 

Based on this trip, NJHS plans to continue helping out at this hospital in the future. The hospital told us that many of the families who stay at the hospital would appreciate meals as their children recover. If you would like to help support NJHS and our service projects or have any questions, please contact the NJHS Advisor Mr. Sul. We are always looking for more service opportunities. 

A special thanks to Ms. Giang, Ella’s Mom, for helping to arrange this service opportunity, and to Ella and Lam for beautifully painting the Tet envelopes. 

“A need was presented in the service sense that connected with the children’s Hospital. There was a significant number of children who weren't able to go home for Tet. As an expat, tet means vacation, but for Vietnamese it’s like Christmas. It's the one time of the year they are able to go home. These kids can't because they are in recovery. The NJHS rallied and wanted to do something for these kids and families. They decided to put together a goodie bag and give lucky money to each of the families. 250k was given to each of the children. Even the envelopes given out were designed by Ella and Lam, our 8th grade students.” - Ed Sul 

Concordia middle school teacher with students

“Since Tet is a very special holiday for Vietnamese people, it’s the only time of the year people get to have a break and spend time with people in their family. Since the kids are sick, the parents spend time in the hospital with them. The kids are homesick and we get to make them feel better by giving a small gift to make them feel better and more hopeful. It also lets them know that someone is thinking of them.” - Ella (G8)

“Tet is a really special occasion. Everyone can spend the time together and enjoy their moment together but the parents in the hospital have to stay in the hospital to take care of their family members and children. When I was passing out the presents and saw children lying on the bed, it was heartbreaking and sad. The presents for us seem small, but it made them really happy with the presents we gave them. It gave them more motivation to make them feel better and feel like they were not alone.” - Anna (G8)

“Through our first experience at the hospital, we were able to build a long term relationship with them. In the near future we will keep helping them and doing more projects helping patients and their families.” - Minh Hanh (G8)

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