Middle School Robotics Students Learn Engineering Skills - and Soft Skills

Concordia middle school robotics students are working in teams and learning collaboration skills to build their bots in the most efficient way possible - and win a tug-of-war against other robots.

“We did peer review to learn how to improve our robot’s design,” said Samantha (G7), adding, “I have experience making robots and I enjoy it.”

MS Students Robotics

“I like working in a team so I can exchange ideas with my friends and come up with new approaches,” said Minh (G7). 

The class is an optional ‘exploratory’ course to give students a chance to explore something they might be interested in, and prepare students for robotics at the high school level.

“The aim of the class is to learn different components of what goes into building a robot,” said Robotics teacher Mr. Carper. “Another big component to their learning, that carries through the different units we do, is the engineering and design process. So we are starting with force and motion, like how to increase the force a robot can pull.”

“I tried this course last semester and really enjoyed it, so I’m taking it again,” said Yerin (G7), adding, “We’re putting motors on all four wheels and then putting gear trains on each one of them to increase the force.”  

“I’m learning to use gears to alter the speed and strength of the robots - it’s a very interesting course. I plan to study more robotics courses in the future,” said Bach (G8).

Along with Robotics classes Concordia also offers Robotics as an after school activity for both middle and high school, which prepare students for competitions. 

This year’s high school robotics team traveled to Saigon South International School to pit their bot against 11 other teams from schools around Vietnam. They won their first 4 matches and lost to the only team that remained undefeated during the tournament, - from a Robotics school in Pleaku, Chi Lang Robotics.

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