Middle School Community Reach Activity

The 8th grade “Mad Birds” led the Middle School student body through Breakout EDU with Mrs. Halpin’s leadership. Breakout EDU is a fun, online “escape room" style of challenge.  It is a way to use your mind while working as a team to solve puzzles, as many as three puzzles in total.  Each team needs a computer and a student puzzle master.

3 boys completing a group activity on their computer

This activity differed from other student led events because the main focus was enjoying the time together. At the end of the day, the best results were announced but there was no winner. The Mad Birds brought snacks for everyone to enjoy while embarking on this challenge. At the bottom of the directions read, “Remember, PEOPLE matter more than POINTS.” We asked the students who organized this about their favorite moments along with middle school teachers.

“There were elements of having a good time, being together and eating snacks. Working in groups shifted the focus to not a competitive game but to build community by hanging out together and enjoying. It was so gratifying seeing these guys lead something and see them be successful. ”- Middle School Teacher Mrs. Halpin

2 girls and one boy completing a group activity on their computer

“We learned teamwork because we kept arguing what the answer was, so after the first puzzle we started getting better at communication and teamwork overall.” - Duy Anh (G8)

“It was exciting and everyone was engaged.” - Sammy (G8)

“Non academic engagement that the kids are learning but it’s not necessarily an academic challenge although there are reading and math problems. It’s the level of engagement which is the intention because it builds community and they are collaborating on a task across languages and cultures.” - Middle School Teacher Mr. Sul

3 girls and a boy completing group activity on their computer

My favorite part was working with different people, we were put into random groups. You get to talk to each other while eating. It was really fun. - Chau Anh (G8)

“I learned how to work as a team and to listen to everyone on how to solve the puzzle.” Yoochan (G8) 

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