HS Spanish Classes Enjoy Costa Rican Cuisine

All Concordia High School students in Spanish courses gathered together for a special lesson on Costa Rican culture and sampled the country’s delicious cuisine. 

Ms. Claudia from Costa Rica visited as a guest speaker, and shared her insights on Costa Rica - presenting entirely in Spanish, the upper-level students translating for the lower levels - before donning her apron and whipping up some scrumptious “Gallo Pinto,” with a side dish of Pico de gallo with lemon flavor, salt, and black pepper, for the class to try. 

“It’s a cool and fun way to study culture,” said Bella (G9). “We can taste the flavor of the food and understand the culture of Costa Rica without going there.”

“I think memories are created by experiences, and by experiencing the taste of Costa Rican food. It helps us better remember what we learn about Costa Rica today,” said Brianna (G9).

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