How Concordia Middle School Helps Students Refine their Writing

Concordia’s middle school writing program teaches students that writing is a process, showing the steps and edits it takes to organize and develop a successful essay or story, and what an expected finished product should look like. 

Concordia middle school students explained how their teachers help them find their voice and articulate it on paper. 

“My writing at Concordia has improved a lot because the teachers take their time to show us everything in a lot of detail.  They can even help when we have break time or study hall. So I feel like it’s very personalized, which has made me a better writer,” said Victoria (G8), who wrote about ‘Functions of the International Space Station.’
“I think my vocabulary and grammar have improved a lot at Concordia,” said Eric (G8), adding, “I like writing fantasy stories. My favorite author is Roald Dahl.” 
“I feel like I’ve improved my writing since I joined Concordia, particularly my grammar, like when to stop run-on sentences. The worksheets and exercises have helped,” said Maya (G8), adding, “I like writing horror stories.”  
“So last year in sixth grade, I had to write a research paper for the first time ever, and I honestly was clueless on how to do it. But the teacher was very good at explaining how to do it, and giving good feedback on how to improve the essay. So I ended up being able to write the research paper, and all my other essays, with successfully good grades. Because my teacher was very helpful explaining everything in detail, she gave the whole class a chance to write good papers,” said Natalie (G7), who wrote about ‘Citizenship in Columbia and the US.’
“I think when the teachers give examples of writing it’s really helpful. Like when the teachers give us an assignment and they show what a student in the past has done, that helps a lot,” said Anya (G8).

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