Hope for the Little Flowers

Concordia’s National Junior Honor Society chapter has initiated a program to assist Reception students by taking the time to meet and read with them online.

"As the leader of this project, I named it ‘Hope for Little Flowers,’ in hopes of helping these little kids go through the hard times of Covid-19,” said Jinseo (G8). “NJHS members and other volunteers from middle school meet together with our school's Reception kids using Zoom, and we are each assigned children, often with whom we share our mother tongue. We can read picture books to them, listen to them read or sing a song, play an instrument for them. The only thing you need is the willingness to listen to them carefully and show that you care. This would hopefully help them combat loneliness while not being able to go to school and having fun like normal days. It'd be very meaningful to me if we could help to brighten their days a bit more, even in the smallest way."

NJHS has worked to meet the needs of all Reception students. For example, since we have Japanese-speakers in Reception, Japanese student Yusei, G8, is working with them every Monday. 

The program is a hit with both the NJHS students and their Reception partners.

“I was nervous because I have a hard time talking to children, so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep them entertained. It turned out to be easier than I thought. I had one girl, Cora, and one boy, Jade. Cora loved to talk on and on, so it was easy to talk with her. Jade was a little harder to talk to since he was shyer than Cora, but his mother was there to nudge him to talk. I liked it when Jade and I had shown our favorite dolls. It was a bit challenging to keep both entertained at the same time,” said Catalina (G8).

"It was good," said Benjamin (Rec).

“I'm really happy that I helped. It was my first time doing this so I was a little nervous but I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again next week!!” said Yeonwoo (G8).

"It was fun," said Linh (Rec).

“At first He was a bit shy and needed his mom’s support, after that he was more open to me and talked a lot about himself. I liked the part where I can communicate with Gia Hung and it was very fun. He looks happy and full of joy,” said Gia Minh (G8).

G7/G8 classes have worked periodically with Reception students all year, so they have a relationship. The main goal was to help circumvent loneliness, which so many students are working through during these months away from school. 

“The NJHS members are very limited to the service activities we can do at this point of being isolated. So when the idea was first suggested by Dr. Mills, I thought it was brilliant and it would be a great opportunity to show our spirit of NJHS,” said Jinseo.

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