Grade 9 Science: Heart Dissection

Grade 9 science students dissected pig hearts to understand the inner workings of the mammalian circulatory organ.

Students worked in groups to explore the hearts and then did a second dissection quiz in which they needed to identify the different parts, arteries, and veins.

“It is really interesting. It’s just really crazy to see a diagram, but then actually do the experiment. It is really different, and it’s really fun,” said Henry.

“I thought that the different layers and the muscular system are pretty cool because it’s so thick, and then grabbing all the blood out was really satisfying… but like having it in real life, and being able to interact with it is cool,” said Elizabeth.

“I like to touch the heart because it’s very cool... We discovered new stuff and learned so much by using the heart, and not just on paper,” said Bella.

The exercise helps improve students’ dissection skills for additional dissections to come in the unit, which will include cow brains, cow eyes, local frogs and pig lungs.

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