Grade 8 Science students apply Newton’s law to launch rockets and land eggs

#ConcordiaHanoi Grade 8 science students in their Forces and Motion unit are applying Newton's Third Law to design a solution to a problem involving the motion of two colliding objects. Students design and build capsules to hold the egg, launch them in a rocket, and land them without breaking.  

Students explained how they applied Newton's other laws and the concepts of air resistance and gravity to their designs and redesigns.

“We used Newton’s second law to calculate the acceleration of the rocket and we also measured air resistance by test drops, and each of us made a parachute to enhance the air resistance,” said Joohyoung (G8)

“We’re learning tactics on how to keep the rocket in the air better. Some students used balloons, most used parachutes. For me, I realized a parachute opens too late, so I used smaller parachutes to slow the fall while the larger parachute opened,” said Anya (G8)

“I learned about gravity force and fluid friction or air resistance. When the object flies we can create resistance by means of a parachute,” said Minh (G8)

“This is the first time we’ve tried this experiment with our rockets and it’s been more difficult than we thought,” said Gia Han (G8) and Jessica (G8)

Click the link to learn more about Concordia’s middle school science program here.

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