Grade 7 Science: Cells

Grade 7 students are learning about cells. The class started with making trading cards to know how each cell functions. Students made a mural showing the inside of a cell, and finally built 3D models of cells. Students took the models home and explained the function of each component to their parents.

“We learned about different cells in plant and animal organisms and their structure and function,” said Preston (G7).

“We’re learning what is inside of the cells and what each part’s function is. It was a very detailed project and I liked the way we could actually create our own small cell environment,” said Kristian (G7).

The repetitive nature of the project serves a learning function: helping take short term memory and put it into long-term memory.

“I didn’t know that everything inside the cells would be so specific, like the endoplasmic reticulum, which aids in transporting and producing proteins,” said Thu (G7).

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