Grade 4 Students Give Persuasive Presentations to Grade 3 Peers

Concordia Grade 4 students wrote persuasive speeches with the theme of "Do Mighty Things," and presented them to Grade 3. 

Students were encouraged to choose topics that show how they do mighty things, and at the same time encourage someone younger to do something mighty as well. They also considered their audience (grade 3) when developing their ideas and evidence.

Students were able to watch sample student TED Talk videos and looked for qualities of good speeches. Prior to presenting, students were able to practice with one another, keeping these qualities in mind. Students also benefited from peer review, and offered each other feedback and areas to improve upon when practicing.

"The first time I felt nervous but in the end, I was proud of myself for doing a speech in front of almost 40 students," said Donghoo.

"I learned that everyone should try giving a speech because taking risks is important. After the speech, I felt relieved and shocked that I could do it," said Bao.

"Working with a partner taught me to cooperate with someone. We had to share ideas and work together to make a persuasive talk," Yesol. 

The presentations are a culminating activity from Concordia’s Grade 4 Persuasive Writing unit.

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