Grade 4 Students Build Brains - and Buddies - during Home Learning

Concordia Grade 4 students are learning how to study effectively during Home Learning, while also building community in their classroom. 

Students get a “Brain Smart Start” to their morning routine to ensure they are ready to learn. 

The program is based around four key principles;

  • Unite - getting everyone together
  • Disengage Stress - practicing breathing
  • Connect  - unmuting and saying, "Make it a great day!
  • Commit - making a goal for the day or week

To build community, the 4A & 4B classes join together every Friday, so they can see their friends. 

This week Grade 4 had a dance party!

All Concordia elementary school students start their day with the Build Brain concept. Originating from the Conscious Discipline framework, it puts the children and adults in the best state to start the day, and ensures the children start the day together, even though they are online.