Grade 2 Students Follow Maps and Instructions in the Hunt for Bugs

Concordia’s Grade 2 students went on a Map Hunt, using maps and directions to find hidden pictures of bugs around the school. 

The Bolt spoke to some students to hear what they learned:

“We’re hunting for some bugs. We found one in the book shelf, and one in the plant next to the gym,” said Aaron.

 “We followed the instructions and found insect pictures, we enjoyed it,” said Ko, Chloe, and Jian.

“It’s pretty fun because I like hunting and finding things,” said Chelsea.

“I learned how to find and follow directions like east and west, and I learned how to read a map,” said Koichiro.

“At first I thought I was hunting real bugs, but I was glad they were only pictures,” said T.J.

“It was hard to find the bugs because they were hidden,” said Charlie.

“We had teamwork and we helped each other find things,” said Peter. 

“The challenge was that it was confusing, but we overcame it by following other groups and then we found the bugs,” said Emily. 

“I enjoyed finding the first bug, it was exciting, but it was hard finding the second bug,” said Yoonseo. 

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