Grade 2 Students Boost Knowledge through Nonfiction

During the month of October, Grade 2 students have been reading and writing about nonfiction topics. A major focus of the Reading Unit called "Becoming Experts through Reading Nonfiction" has been the concept of gaining knowledge through their reading. As they are concluding the end of the unit, Grade 2 students tested out their "teaching skills" by sharing information learned about a single topic with other students in both 2A & 2B classes.

Grade 2 integrated technology skills by taking notes from nonfiction books in EPIC and using the Google Jamboard platform to collect information and pictures as visual tools during their presentations.  

When asked about his experience with the two programs, Wei-Tung said, “even though it was hard to switch between EPIC and Jamboard, it was still good.” Ananabelle added, “it was fun, I like using Jamboard.” 

Eli said, “It was really fun” and Benjamin said, “I really like choosing my own topic because I am interested in the military.”

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