G9 Microscopy

As an introduction to cytology (cellular biology) and microscopy, Grade 9 is investigating some of the local watering holes. “We’re looking at microorganisms from the pond outside the Concordia gate,” said Nhi. “They’re really disgusting!”

“We’re trying to find the smallest organism we can find to win a competition against the other class,” said Riley.

“This water is from Van Tri,” said Madeline. “We’ve found paramecium! It’s a single-cell organism that is able to move.”

"We found a bug and we named it Barley. It has three hearts,” said Nathan and Quang.

“We don’t know what we found,” said Ruby. “It keeps moving and has a head like a toothbrush.”

This is the first time the class is using the microscopes for this project. “These are university-level trinocular microscopes,” said Dr. Kilback. “They can go up to a magnification of  x1000.”

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