G6 Scale Factor Project Doubles as Visitor Welcome

Concordia Grade 6 students are currently studying a unit on factoring and learning about multiples.  As part of this, they are working on a scale factor project that doubles as a kindness project. They scaled the logos from all eight competing teams in the HAC Basketball tournament and created welcome banners to decorate our campus, to help our visitors feel more welcome. Students were required to work as a team, create a design plan, designate roles, and together complete each project.  

Grade 6 students shared their perspectives:

Jookyoung: I had fun learning about math like this. I want to do this kind of project again.

Hinako: The purpose of this project was to welcome students from other schools to Concordia and to learn scale factor by making the posters. To increase the size from original to scale, we needed to find the scale factor - a number to multiply on the original number to get the product - by factor pairs of the product numbers. We used scale numbers to get the height and width but ours were square so we only needed to get one side of our 2D shape because the square's sides are equal. 

Mikey: I liked how we took real-life things and made them into assignments.

Gia Linh: The purpose of this project was to welcome other schools to Concordia with good sportsmanship and do it through a math lesson! I think it is important to welcome the other schools to Concordia because, even though it is a competition, it is still just a game, and it is meant to be fun and friendly. We also learned how scale factors can be applied to real-life situations and planning. 

Binie: The purpose of this project was to make others feel welcome and to make Concordia more colorful. Also we cheered up everything instead of cheering down. These banners would help the school/our community reputation good because we’re nice. I think parents and students will be proud.

Ashley: I think that the purpose of this project was for us to learn about the scale factor and I also think that the purpose of this project was to build our relationships with new people from different grade 6 classes. I hope that the other Hanoi teams will be overwhelmed and excited because I don’t think that they’ve been to a lot of schools where the school makes banners personalized for their teams.

Noa: In the tournament, I hope other schools feel welcome and grateful because they know that we are rooting for them even if they are not Concordia students. This was a fun project and I enjoy that it will help welcome basketball players.

Maika: This project is to welcome the students from different international schools to Concordia. Our school hosted the HAC tournament, where there are eight teams in total. We were doing BIS to welcome them. We also have positive quotes and words to cheer them up.

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