G6 Math Celebration

Grade 6 held an impressive math celebration last week. Each student spent the last few months in their Ratios Unit, exploring how math can be used for real-world situations. They independently had to research and compare a specific statistic from Vietnam with another country. Some statistics they researched were differences in literacy, education, and living conditions. The students had to emphasize why this data matters by relating it to one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They also spent time learning about effective infographics and data visualization, and had to prepare a 1-minute pitch to explain their research to guests. Parents, faculty and fellow students were able to learn more about their findings from the grade 6 presenters.

“It feels like my public speaking improved because before I couldn't talk in front of people,” said Sean K. (G6). “The best part about the process was that parents and students could see what we were working on.” 

“I learned to present an infographic by learning how to read it. I also learned how to find reliable sources for my information,” said Khanh (G6).

I got more confident sharing, and as I shared it [9 times], I changed my words when the next person came to hear my presentation,” said Olivia (G6).

“I was surprised to realize that I was getting better at presenting during the [learning] celebration,” said Sean J. (G6).

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