G5 Digital Debates

As a class, Grade 5 learned about argumentative writing and research. After a few weeks of researching, students broke into groups of 4 and chose topics to research: plastic, whale shows, space vs undersea exploration, sharks, and zoos. They read several articles and researched for and against their topics and were assigned to argue their side in a debate. 

They wrote their arguments and had a class debate over three days on Padlet. On day one, they gave their opening statements and the first reason. Day 2, students added rebuttals and their next reasons. On the third day, they gave final rebuttals and closing statements. Points were scored for valid reasons and evidence and the use of pathos, logos, and ethos to showcase their case.

“I liked how we can argue with our classmates about things that are argued about around the world right now. It was pretty good because we had time to do it one by one, so it was easier to learn,” said Seo Ah.

“I used Newsela as my main source, and more information from what I already knew and some from my friends. It was really new. I think this experience is nice since I got to explore lots of new online formats like Padlet. I think it worked out really well, but I prefer a real-life debate more,” said Minh Anh.

“I went to many websites like the ones Mrs.Cook provided, and also found a lot on my own. I got to make a poster, which was fun. Also, I won the debate!” Said Erika.

“I had never done a debate before, but I liked "burning" my opponent and I also liked the debate experience because it felt like I was a real lawyer! It worked really well, but it would be more fun to be face to face with each other,” said Victoria.