G5 Biography Reports

Grade 5 students wrote reports on biographies, covering an impressive range of historical figures from household names like J.K. Rowling to poets like Jacqueline Woodson and politicians like former U.S. Congressman John Lewis. 

Daniel said he learned from the book about archeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who discovered the ancient city of Troy and tried to hide the treasure, but later had to give it back. “If you find something, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself, you should not be greedy, and you should share it with everyone.”

Sara wrote about Anne Frank. “She was Jewish and was born in Germany, my home country. She was sent to a concentration camp as a child, and eventually died of disease.” 

Ella wrote about author J.K. Rowling. “I was amazed she had to write three Fantastic Beast books in one year.”

Son wrote about Native American shaman and activist, Black Elk. “He was interested in preserving his culture, and had a vision about 6 grandfathers who gave him 6 powers to defend his village,” said Son. “The message I got from the book is that one person can have the power to change the world.”

The reports are one of G5's monthly book projects, designed to engage students in a variety of genres including historical fiction, biographies, literature, and poetry.

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