G4 Social Justice Unit

As part of their Social Justice Issues unit, Grade 4 students chose research topics, interviewed experts in pairs, and are preparing “TED Talks.”

David and Nam interviewed Chuck Searcy, Vice President of Veterans for Peace, about Agent Orange and its effects on Vietnam. “Some people warned that Agent Orange was dangerous, but the company just wanted to produce it faster, so they didn’t heed the warnings and used it anyway,” said David. “The military sprayed it on Quang Tri province, and many farmers died because it went into the soil,” said Nam. 

Bill and Tung are studying animal cruelty. “We are looking at how we are harming the environment, and how this hurts animals living in the environment,” said Bill. 

Bao Tran and Megan interviewed EuroCham Board member Sarah Galeski, who recently founded the Women in Business Sector Committee, about gender equality. “I’m writing about how women should be paid equally and have fair salaries,” said Bao Tran. “I also learned about how in some cultures, only boys go to school, but girls in these cultures, like Malala in Pakistan, have campaigned for equal opportunities in education.”

Other topics include climate change, plastic waste, oceans, trash on the playground, global warming, and bullying in after-school academies.

Students will present their TED Talks to the class to complete the unit. 

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