G4 Reading & Writing: Social Issues

The G4 reading and writing units naturally aligned - Reading Social Issues and Writing Journalism. The classes are reading a book called Amal Unbound together as their ‘read aloud’. Students have identified various social issues, and have learned more about each one from reading the book. In small groups, students are creating multimedia projects (website, video, online newspaper, posters) to bring awareness to the Concordia community about their social issue.

“In our daily Zoom meetings, we read chapters from the book, Amal Unbound together,” explained G4 teacher, Mrs. Snider. “Then, students are put into their small groups using the breakout room feature in Zoom. In these 'rooms,' students use a Google Slides organizer to capture their ideas and plans for their project. Students have time to talk with each other, share ideas and plan out their work. Teachers move from 'room' to 'room' and work with each small group. We are co-teaching this unit with our EAL teachers, so two teachers are in the Zoom meetings working with students every day. This is a real team effort!”

While this is a new format for everyone, student feedback has been positive. Jennie (G4) commented, "I like the breakout rooms because we can talk to each other easier and share our ideas." Minh Hanh (G4) used the drawing tools in Google Slides to design and create her team's logo for the social issue, "Gender Equality." It is wonderful to see student creativity continue to grow as they work within the systems and formats. Concordia students are leading boldly by being patient, flexible and remaining dedicated to growing as learners, regardless of the circumstances. Well done, Thunder!

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