G4 Explores Historical Fiction

Grade 4 celebrated the completion of their latest reading and writing unit by sharing their hybrid Historical Fiction essays with each other.

For their reading workshops, students participated in a Historical Fiction Book Club. Each group read two fictional books based in a particular time and place throughout history. Grade 4 then took what they learned in their reading workshops and wrote their own “hybrid texts.” These hybrid essays contained 4 chapters: a big research topic, a focused research topic, a fictional narrative from a character’s perspective reflective of the time period, and an opinion piece about why this topic is important.

The Bolt spoke to Grade 4 students about what they learned from their Historical Fiction unit, what surprised them, what changed the way they think or live, and what life lessons they learned. 

“The topic of the Civil Rights Movement surprised me because it gave me a lot of advice and information for everyone,” said Jihoo (G4). “It changed me because black people were getting hit and separated from others. I also always pray to God about this because this is still happening. From this Historical Fiction Unit, I learned a life lesson that you should treat everyone equally."

“What surprised me was that I learned that Reconstruction was a very important event that happened a long time ago,” said Woochan (G4). “I think the people in the United States lived a harsh life during the 1800s because they had a civil war. Some life lessons are that we should also not have war.”

“It is cruel but understandable why human beings stepped into a new era making the same mistakes of the past - it is because we are humans,” said Linh (G4). “After I learned of the false accusations made against Japanese Americans, I have decided that I must be someone who stands up for justice. Someone who knows something is wrong and wants to adjust it to a right. Someone who is fair, responsible, and cares for others in need.”

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