G4 Egg Drop Challenge

The Egg Drop Challenge introduced Concordia’s fourth-grade students to engineering, gravity, and the design process. Using the earth’s gravity, students had to think critically and experiment with creating landing crafts and internal padding to protect eggs from cracking when dropped.

"Throughout the year, students will design models (prototypes) in order to find solutions to real-life problems," said G4 Teacher Ms. Goodrich. "The Egg Drop Challenge was the perfect introduction to the process that engineers go through when designing. Engineering and Design standards are a part of the Next Generations Science Standards."

“We made some materials to protect the egg,” said Maika. “Our test was to find out if the egg will crack or survive. The first time we dropped the eggs on the staircase. The second time we dropped the eggs from the rooftop.”

“We were testing our building skills,” said David. “It was to help us get ready for how to do stuff in the future like an engineer.”

Did their designs cushion the egg inside enough to keep it from cracking? “I was surprised because I thought that our egg dropped in the contraption,” said Mason. “We thought that the egg was going to be in the contraption and break but then the egg flew out of the contraption and the egg just fell to the ground.”

When asked what they would do differently if they performed the experiment again, Yubin stated “I think I would make the parachute bigger so it can land slowly.” Hyunwoo agreed, saying “in my opinion, I would make a bigger parachute. The parachute almost broke the egg. Luckily, mine survived.”

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