G3 Student Publishes Story in EARCOS

Concordia Grade 3 student, Linh is a published writer! Her short story, “A True Heart,” was featured in the Spring 2020 EARCOS Journal. 

“It didn't take long to see that Linh is a talented student with a deep love of stories,” said Linh’s teacher, Mrs. Arends. “The EARCOS magazine regularly publishes student work and an opportunity presented itself to highlight Linh’s work. She is a dedicated writer and I wanted to have one of her pieces published as a means of celebrating her work and fueling her passion.”

The Bolt spoke with Linh and learned a series of writing tips applicable to authors young and old.


How did you feel when you learned your writing would get published in a magazine?

My parents were the first ones to mention my writing being published, and believe me, I started hopping around the room like a bunny who just found out that she won a carrot lottery or something. It was a hysterical moment. But who wouldn’t do that? I was delighted. And slightly baffled.

What do you like most about writing?

In writing, you are creating your own world. With a blank piece of paper, anything could be done. Your book could be about unicorns or pegasus, but it could also be about someone having trouble at school or chocolate. I love writing because I love daydreaming. You daydream while you write, creating your own world and your own characters.

If you could give advice to young writers, what would it be?

First, it's useful to find a theme. Just like how building a theme park is easier with an exact theme, writing is a bit easier when you are heading your writing to something or basing your story on a platform. 

I also think that it is nice to have a mentor with you when you are writing. A mentor will also be useful when you want to make your writing the best it can be. You work hard to make your writing as perfect as the mentor you picked out. So in the end, you end up with your best work.

Where did you get the idea for A True Heart?

Well, you could think of April (the character in the story) as me, and the story developed over time. I spent hours working on stories and poems, including one called “A Journey in a Book” every day, but it just didn’t seem right. 

Then, my marvelous teacher had a zoom meeting with me. We talked about the kinds of writing we’ve already done, and Mrs. Arends just happened to talk about a book that is based on personal experience. So, I picked a pretty name and included my own feelings into the story.

What do you imagine yourself writing about ten years from now?

I’m not so sure. But my favorite kinds of writing include fairy tales and fantasy, and I rather like writing poems or songs. Also, I love speech writing. It would be logical for me to be writing in these genres when I am older. I may change my favorites over the years, but I think some of my favorites will still stay the same.

From the EARCOS 2020 ET Journal Spring Issue. EARCOS is an organization that supports international schools and teachers from across Asia.

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