G3 Cardboard Challenge

The grade 3 classes formed small groups to complete the cardboard challenge. Each team worked together to create something out of cardboard that taught their classmates about their interests.

Learning how to successfully work as a group is a way to challenge our students while supporting their growth through the whole child concept. The final projects were a small version of Concordia, a golf course, a swimming pool, an apartment building, a Pokemon stadium, a warship, and a fortress. Students presented their creations to the class and answered questions. The grade 3 classes look forward to designing and creating more fun projects this year! 

“Everyone had so many ideas. Some people like swimming, drawing, creating, but then Bella came up with the idea of one big building and every floor is something that we like. Clara's floor was a swimming pool! At first, we argued about how to make it work. In the end, we each made different floors. It turned out really well,” said Inga. 

“The first thing is when my friend said something, we listened to him. We all changed our ideas a lot until we agreed. We tried to build a robot but we changed to a fort because everyone liked it better than the robot,” said Duc Long.

“The first thing we did was make ideas of what we liked. We took out the ideas we didn't like until we only had one left. I made jobs for people so we could all work on one thing to make it faster. We all had different ideas of what we wanted the fort to be like, so we let people have what they wanted and it turned out super good,” said Ethan. 

“We worked in a group by talking to everybody about what they liked. Most of my friends liked swimming pools and Haewon and I liked golf. Haewon and I made a gold club then Ye Yeong and Yeji made a swimming pool because we added all of the ideas so it was teamwork,” said Serim.

“Some people like houses and some people like boats so we voted to see who would win. The boat won. We made boats but I think that I like warships so I said to everyone we should make a warship and everyone agreed,” said Yamato.

“We all wanted to make a pokemon statue and a pokemon gym but making the statue was too hard. We decided to only make the gym. The next day WooHyun brought a big box and another small box and I said ‘Let's make a bigger gym.’ We made a bigger gym and a pokemon logo. We all liked pokemon so it was easy to work as a team,” said Tiger.

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