G1 Engineering Animal Structures

Grade 1 students did an exercise entitled “Engineering Animal Structures” in which they were asked, “How can humans protect ourselves by studying animal and plant structures?” Together, the class thought about animal and plant structures and how those structures could be used to protect themselves. The class did research using online resources to get more ideas.

Each student drew a blueprint of a structure they could build to protect a human based on animal or plant structures. They also listed the materials they would need to build it. The class used the blueprint to build their structures using recycled materials. Finally, each student shared a video on Seesaw with their parents explaining what they built and how it could be used to protect humans.

Trang: “My favorite part was sharing on Seesaw.”

Jinu: “I like making stuff.”

Teppi: “I just loved the claws because they were easy to build.” 

HyoMin: “I liked putting it on Seesaw.” 

Hajime: “I think I was happy that I was gliding in the sky.” 

Quan: “I liked doing the project because I have to do hard work to finish it. To do my best.” 

Avy: “I liked it because we can build by ourselves without needing help. I also liked sharing with each other about the project.”

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