Elementary Spirit Week Over Zoom

From funny hats and wacky hair to ‘bring a friend' day with brothers and teddy bears, Spirit Week was a success and made home learning fun!

Read what our Concordia elementary students liked best:

“The thing I liked about Spirit Week is that I get to see my friends in Zoom that are dressing up so funny,” said Yeonwoo (G2).

"My favorite part was wearing a baseball cap from my baseball uniform when I played little league in Virginia," said Ryan (G1).

"I liked when it was "bring a friend" day because my brother wanted to come in Zoom with me," said JiWon (G1).

“My favorite time in spirit week was when I dressed up with my soccer jersey because I love sports,” said Morgan (G2).

“I like Spirit Week because I got to bring our favorite teddy,” said Emma (G2).

“My favorite thing about spirit week is we get to do fun things together even though we’re at home, and we could see each other do wacky things,” said Avy (G2). 

“My favorite thing about spirit week was Wacky Wednesday because it was very fun and we got to do wacky hair and dress up in wacky costumes,” said Sage (G2).

"I liked all of them!" Said YeKang (G1).