Elementary Explorers: A Memorable Ba Vi Adventure

Last week, our 5th-grade class embarked on their first off-campus overnight trip to Ba Vi. They stayed at the Ba Vi Homestead, where their exciting journey began with a visit to a tea plantation. Here, they had the opportunity to handpick tea leaves and witness the intricate process of transforming them in a brick oven— from drying and grinding to turning them into tea leaves ready for brewing. Students received instructions on crafting their own tea.

students walk through rice field

The adventure continued with a scenic walk through the fields, leading to a 100-year-old house. This house served as a window into Vietnamese history, showcasing its construction and preservation. While the guides at the house did not speak English, our students collaborated with Vietnamese peers who acted as translators.

The students were divided into four groups and enjoyed various activities, including catching chickens in a fenced area, planting rice with guidance on proper spacing, and using large baskets to catch fish. The highlight of the day was making rice bánh cuốn, where students had hands-on experience spreading out the rice mixture, adding chopped meat and mushrooms, and rolling it up like a crepe.

kids make tea

In the evening, they observed workers cleaning fish, skewering them, and creating a unique campfire by stacking hay on top and lighting it. The students hiked back to the homestead, had some free time, and then enjoyed the pool. The homestead offered a playground, ping pong tables, swings, and various places to relax.

The day concluded with a delightful dinner accompanied by a local group's dance performance, complete with gongs and ribbons. Students also participated in an exciting activity involving hopping through bamboo poles. Later, the Ba Vi Homestead team organized a bonfire, where everyone roasted marshmallows, made s'mores, and engaged in karaoke. The evening wrapped up with spooky ghost stories and memorable bonding moments.

School boys have fun

“My favorite part about the trip was bonding with my friends. I think we found new sides of our friends that we didn’t know about.” Yeonwo (G5)

“I really liked fishing. When we were fishing, we got to go inside the lake and catch the fish with the nets. Then we got to eat them.” Hakun (G5)

School girls catch fish

“Feeding the animals was my favorite part of the trip and hiking.” Leo (G5)

“I enjoyed the animals, fishing and catching the chickens was also fun.” Ezra (G5)

“I find it absolutely delightful. It's fun to interact with the kids outside the classroom and see how they take things in and how they interact with each other and the environment.” Mrs. Michelle Ngai (G5 teacher)

students at playground

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