Ecosystems and Endangered Species: ECO ASA students learn about Conservation

The ECO ASA was introduced by our wonderful Librarian, Ms. Judi Taylor.  Ms. Taylor helped our Elementary School students to raise awareness about wildlife and environment conservation in Vietnam. Students interested in the environment joined the six-week ASA.  

The first three sessions focussed on endangered wildlife in Vietnam, why these species were endangered and who is helping and how we can support them. 

The last three sessions, the students looked at creating and building with recycled materials.  The students made penguins and planters to help the environment.

Cora: “I learned that Pangolins are a really endangered Vietnam animal and people kill them for their scales to make medicines which makes no sense because they are made from the same thing as our hair and nails. Why kill them?” 

Wei-Tung: “We need to reuse and recycle cans and bottles and plastics as much as we can so they don't get put into the waste or cause litter. When we can reuse something it can't get washed into the ocean and harm endangered creatures like turtles.” 

Linh: “I want people to stop buying things that are made from endangered animals like pangolin scales and bear bile and tiger skins.”

Harper: “We need to recycle our trash and not litter because otherwise it can get into the ocean. Then it breaks up into tiny pieces and gets eaten by the smallest sea animals and they get eaten by bigger animals and it affects the whole food chain.” 

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