Early Decision Students 2020

It is the time of year when college acceptances start coming in, and students begin to make decisions regarding their university future. A few of our seniors have been fortunate enough to be accepted into their first choice, Early Decision (ED) school. The ED application plan provides students the opportunity to apply early to their first choice university, with the commitment that if the school accepts them, they will enroll. Additionally, some students who have received admissions decisions through regular decision application plans, and have already made commitments to their future university and made deposits to secure a place in the class of 2024.

Left to right: Lin, Lizzie, Alan

Why did you choose this university?

Lin - I chose the NYU Stern School of Business for its great alumni network, a wide range of opportunities and resources, and the high level of education provided to underclassmen. Of course, these are not the only reasons I selected NYU; there were countless other factors I considered as well.

Lizzie - I chose Lewis & Clark because of the “Third Culture Kid” community, the location (I always wanted to study in  Portland, Oregon), and the fact that they have an outstanding creative writing program, as I will be majoring in Creative Writing. I feel like I will fit in well at Lewis and Clark and that the college will help me grow as a person.

Alan - I chose Iowa State because it is close to home and family and it is reasonably priced. I'm currently thinking about studying engineering because when I go back to the US during the summer, I usually work with my uncle on construction projects which I really enjoy, and so I think a career in engineering would be interesting.

Why did you choose early decision for the university?

Lin - Stern at NYU is known as a very prestigious business school, one of the top 5, in America with a very low acceptance rate of 8%. Since I was confident that this school is my top choice, I chose to be an ED applicant to increase my chance of getting in.

Lizzie - I chose to apply ED because I knew that was where I wanted to go to college, even though I had other safety schools. Early decision was a way to show my dedication to the school, as well as a way to get all of my college applications done earlier so that I could enjoy more of my senior year. 

Alan - I decided to do an ED on Iowa State because of the reasons above but also when I got in I could complete my decision and relax.

How do you feel now that university decisions are complete?

Lin - I am very excited and nervous about my upcoming years of adventure. I really am eagerly anticipating college to begin since I don’t know what to expect in New York. 

Lizzie - Now that I'm accepted and going to enroll, an enormous weight has lifted off of my shoulders, and now I'm just focused on pushing through the rest of the semester.

Alan - I wasn't terribly stressed to begin with, because I did all of the writing on time for Mr. Compton (Concordia’s Director of Counseling). We had an adequate amount of time to go over my essays to make sure they were of good quality. So once I got in, it basically took away any stress as to where I was going to end up next year.

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