EAL Continues During Home Learning

Concordia continues its robust EAL program as part of our home learning curriculum. 

Grade 3 EAL students in small group meetings are doing a unit on simple present tense, which aligns with and supports their current writing unit on animal research.

EAL teachers use platforms like Kahoot and Padlet which engage the students in having fun while providing learning opportunities. In Kahoot, students earn points for each correct answer, and they earn extra points for answering quickly. As the lesson progresses, students compete against each other for a spot on the leaderboard. 

“It’s very fun to do it together with all of our friends,” said Akira.

“We play Kahoot every day and it's a good way to learn about grammar and play with friends - it's very helpful,” said Yeji. 

“We still learn about nouns and stuff but we learn it in a fun way by making it into a game,” said Yujin.

Padlet provides an online diary for students to write, record, and share things they have done or thought about during the day. 

“We can use Padlet to describe our day. It helps us tell our feelings and what we do usually and learn about each other,” said Haewan.

“I like doing Padlet because we can write sentences, share about our life, and learn grammar,” said Jaewoo.

Utilizing the Google Classroom and Seesaw platforms, EAL teachers can view assignments and support students as they complete the work set by the classroom teachers.

In the mornings, EAL teachers work with groups to support students with existing classwork. In the afternoons they hold scheduled EAL sessions where they reteach, review, and revise concepts already taught. The classes also learn and review the vocabulary students will need in upcoming lessons in subjects like science and social studies.

“The smaller groups of nine students enable me to check on what each student is doing and answer questions,” said EAL Coordinator Mrs. McNaul. ”There are all always questions, and they can help answer each other's questions too. It is time well spent.”